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musician - 15 Czerwiec 2012, 16:20
Temat postu: Bardzo ważne
OK. I have two things to tell to the admins:
:!: Now with the FLD forums resetting, the "Profil FLD" links are broken. They should be fixed to /smf.archived/
:!: Those links should be kept, but a new lot for the new FLD forum IDs should be made.

Inks - 21 Czerwiec 2012, 14:47

The admins are hardly here, but good points. Thanks, and welcome. :) (Viny here).

(Actually, there should be a [fld=(id)] tag for linking to posts with the given id, with optional valueless parametres like [fld=(id) user] and [fld=(id) thread]...)

musician - 22 Czerwiec 2012, 11:46

That's a good point, Viny. But we need two tags (since we have two forums-one archived), maybe [fld1] and [fld2]. But since the admins (SaleiB and petr? dunno if there's more) are hardly here, who can do this?
BTW I emailed SaleiB about two months ago about the HS lists, but he still hasn't answered. There's still stuff needed to fix and I can't do it...

Inks - 22 Czerwiec 2012, 13:54

musician napisał/a:
But we need two tags

How did I forget? Let's add another valueless argument then, numeric and optional: [fld=(resource id) (forum id)], defualting to 2. [fld=15 thread 1] would lead to the 15th topic on smf.archived.

the admins (SaleiB and petr? dunno if there's more)

Apparently also Klaud, Neo, and Syo.

So many admins, so little recent activity. ;)

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