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Davo - 25 Styczeń 2005, 20:39
Temat postu: Tennis - Australian Open
In Australia the Australian Open has moved in to the last 16 people (8 men + 8 women :wink: )

If you don't know the Aus Open is a tennis tournament that is played in Australia every year. It is part of 4 Tennis tournaments played in Australia and the USA every year :) .

Here is a picture of a tennis court
[img width=300 height=225][/img]

And here is another

But in each 8 people (men and women) there is one Australian in each :grin: , but the Aussie women has to play the number 1 in the next round and will probably be knocked out of the tournament :sad: .

domaz - 25 Styczeń 2005, 21:00
Temat postu: Australian Open
I hope Lleyton will play well because I like his spontaneity. I hope also he will beat this f.... Federer that can`t be beaten by anyone. He even won with Agassi in 3 sets!! That`s incredible! Unortunately there is huge change of time between our countries so I can`t watch all matches live but I try to watch evening replays on Eurosport:)
Davo - 25 Styczeń 2005, 21:18
Temat postu: Australian Open
Well done, I didn't think anyone watch the tennis in Poland :wink:

Lleyton will only play Federer, if they reach both reach the final.

The Australian Open is played on Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park, and I live in Melbourne :) . But the temperature at the tennis is about 36

domaz - 25 Styczeń 2005, 21:31
Temat postu: Australian Open
Davo napisał/a:
Well done, I didn't think anyone watch the tennis in Poland :wink:

Lleyton will only play Federer, if they reach both reach the final.

Yep, tennis isn`t common in our country because it is thought as a sport for reach people. But I like watching tennis matches esspecially with Lleyton and Andre:) I think Federer - Hewit final is very possible and I hope we`ll have a good match then with louds of emotions. I think also that Roddick can be the biggest problem but I haven`t seen him playing in AOpen so I don`t know whether he`s in a good form. Do you attend to this matches? I mean, are you on the court sometimes and do you watch them live?

syo - 26 Styczeń 2005, 02:18
Temat postu: Australian Open
I've seen the lost of Agassi today on TV - too bad, I thought he would get to the finals :(

Oh, and Venus Williams lost. Szarapowa (the screaming one :wink: ) will challenge Serena in the half-finals - the most exciting match 8)

Davo - 27 Styczeń 2005, 06:15
Temat postu: Australian Open
Yes, I watch live, I used to go about 4-5 years ago but now I prefer to watch on the TV for four reasons. :)
1 - You have to pay :sad:
2 - The heat (engough said).
3 - On TV you have the replays, slow-mo's and commentators :D
4 - I love tennis and I love playing it, and if I was to go and watch it, I would go mad :twisted: trying to stop myself from running out on to the court and playing myself :wink:

Did you hear that Molik is out, beaten by Davenport (damn the USA :evil: )
[Edit]: - Davenport is playing some French person and it is currently 1 set all.
Daven - 2 6
French - 6 5
[Edit 2]: Davenport won in 3 (2-6, 6-5, 6-4) again with the USA :evil:

I think Federer - Hewit final is very possible

Yes, maybe very much so. If so then Federer will win hands down, he is in such good form (did you see the way he beat Agassi :?: )

Szarapowa (the screaming one ) will challenge Serena in the half-finals - the most exciting match

Yes, very exciting.
[Edit]: Sharapova has been beaten by Serena in the semi-finals and now Serena advances to the Finals :) .
[Edit 2]: Serena saved three match points so she could win

I think Federer will win by a mile :)
[size=24px][Edit 3]: Did you hear, Safin beat Federer in 5 sets :!: UNBELIVABLE[/size]
Now Safin will play the winner of Hewitt's match :)

mattirab - 21 Styczeń 2006, 22:44
Temat postu: Australian Open
Australian Open is now too! Comment!
Laura_x - 21 Styczeń 2006, 22:48
Temat postu: Australian Open
Whoa :D I haven't seen this topic before :d I watch AO ev'ry day since I wake up :D And I'm very glad of MArtina Hingis's great results - she's just reached 4th round :D
mattirab - 21 Styczeń 2006, 22:51
Temat postu: Australian Open
Yes, Martina Hingis is good again.
Laura_x - 21 Styczeń 2006, 22:53
Temat postu: Australian Open
Yes, that's right ;) I wish her luck ;) Her game is really fantastic ;) and I'm really glads that the Williams sisters have both lost their matchec :twisted:
Davo - 23 Styczeń 2006, 11:35
Temat postu: Australian Open
Damn. I wished that Hingis had lost, because she just beat Australia's Samantha Stosur.

It was 41.9

Laura_x - 23 Styczeń 2006, 12:47
Temat postu: Australian Open
Hingis has won? :D D great :DDD But I haven't seen this match :? As I see, secon set war really tough :roll: Clisters, my favourite, also won :mrgreen: and Myskina lost - great :P tommorrow, Sharapova will face Petrova in the quarters - who do ya think will win this match? :P
_adam - 23 Styczeń 2006, 13:32
Temat postu: Australian Open
a Polacy wygrali w deblu :grin:
mattirab - 23 Styczeń 2006, 15:32
Temat postu: Australian Open
_adam, in English. Polish players has won in "?debel?".
Laura_x - 23 Styczeń 2006, 15:47
Temat postu: Australian Open
Yeah, they are playing in quarters :D great :D
_adam - 23 Styczeń 2006, 16:07
Temat postu: Australian Open
MAtkowski und Fyrstenberg (or like that) they called.
They will playing with Austalian/American debel in quarter.

Laura_x - 23 Styczeń 2006, 20:24
Temat postu: Australian Open
And I wish them luck :DDD They can win it, cuz their opponents are not as tough as all people think :P P But, I can be mistaken :P
catek - 23 Styczeń 2006, 23:46
Temat postu: Australian Open
It plays great Icy Tower and so many (so much) rear . Fairest is it in (to) game Poland.

Ja mowic po polsku, rozumiecie?

Davo - 24 Styczeń 2006, 00:30
Temat postu: Australian Open
Hingis plays Clijsters next. Big big match :D
Laura_x - 24 Styczeń 2006, 09:58
Temat postu: Australian Open
Yeah :DDD But I don't know who to support :P P I like Clijsters and Hingis both :PPP

catek -> Ty pisac nie na temat :lol:

catek - 24 Styczeń 2006, 16:09
Temat postu: Australian Open
no wow laura, nawet nie rozumiem tematu

English: No wow Laura, I do not understand theme even

syo - 24 Styczeń 2006, 16:57
Temat postu: Australian Open
English only, that's this forum for. Final warning.

I'm after Hingis! As always! A long long time ago I liked Hingis (when she was #1), now she's coming back, and that makes me happy!

Fyrstenberg and Matkowski advance to the semis! Yay!

Laura_x - 25 Styczeń 2006, 18:00
Temat postu: Australian Open
yeah they're great, but if they want to play better, they must win the semis match :P but i think they'd do it ;)
catek - 26 Styczeń 2006, 02:47
Temat postu: Australian Open
:grin: Tych dwoch postow nie rozumiem, hmmm!
Laura_x - 26 Styczeń 2006, 12:15
Temat postu: Australian Open
So, what do ya write here, when ya don't understand us? :)
catek - 26 Styczeń 2006, 15:55
Temat postu: Australian Open
8) Nie rozumiesz ale smieszne, a moge przeklinac i tak nie rozumiesz ?
Laura_x - 26 Styczeń 2006, 16:08
Temat postu: Australian Open
buehehehe ja nei rozumiem? :lol: chyba Ty nie rozumiesz :roll: to po co lasciwie tutaj piszesz? :roll: nie pisz tutaj, skoro nie rozumies,z o czym piszemy :roll:
mattirab - 26 Styczeń 2006, 17:50
Temat postu: Australian Open
CATEK! You not understand? Ok but you don't must write in this topic in Polish! THE END OF OFFTOP! THE END!
Fyrstenberg and Matkowski are out! They aren't in final. They loses in semifinals.

Laura_x - 26 Styczeń 2006, 23:27
Temat postu: Australian Open
they're out, but Baghdatis defeated Nalbandian :shock: whoa :shock:
Davo - 27 Styczeń 2006, 02:46
Temat postu: Australian Open
Yeah, I watched that match. It was fantastic.
Federer plays Kiefer in the last semi-final tonight.

Laura_x - 27 Styczeń 2006, 12:42
Temat postu: Australian Open
Did ya watch it on tv or were ya on the court?
Davo - 29 Styczeń 2006, 23:37
Temat postu: Australian Open
No, I watched it on TV.

Federer has defeated Bagdadis to claim the Winner's trophy.
Fed 5 7 6 6
Bag 7 5 0 3/4?

Laura_x - 30 Styczeń 2006, 15:21
Temat postu: Australian Open
But Baghdatis didn't play bad, I think he played pretty well ;)
mattirab - 30 Styczeń 2006, 19:19
Temat postu: Australian Open
Baghdatis is amazing player. Davo - Baghdatis had 2 won in 4 gem.
Laura_x - 30 Styczeń 2006, 20:04
Temat postu: Australian Open
Baghdatis could do well in the following tournaments ;) I wish him luck :p
Davo - 30 Styczeń 2006, 22:34
Temat postu: Australian Open
I know Bagdadis is a great player. But Federer was just to good. :)
Laura_x - 31 Styczeń 2006, 14:00
Temat postu: Australian Open
Fedek is too good :P
catek - 9 Luty 2006, 00:25
Temat postu: Australian Open
If this theme is about tennis only not? :shock:
Domia - 9 Luty 2006, 11:25
Temat postu: Australian Open
Are you blind or something? Title of this topic is "AUSTRALIAN OPEN" so you can here talk about tennis.
Laura_x - 9 Luty 2006, 15:32
Temat postu: Australian Open
Domia -> About the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year, you've forgotten to add :P

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